Soundstream BX-12
Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor w/ Dash Remote Knob
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Soundstream BX-12

Digital Bass Reconstruction Processor

The Soundstream BX-12 bass processor that will enhance and restore the bass in your music. A bass processor installs between the head unit and your subwoofer amp and will provide the best signal possible making sure you get the most out of your amps. Featuring a subsonic filter, that will remove the notes that can damage your subwoofer and the para bass controls allows you to pick the center frequency the Soundstream BX-12 will maximize, while it also has a wide adjustment that will adjust how wide of a frequency the Soundstream BX-12 will effect. This bass processor comes with a dash mountable control know that will let you control the bass level as well as the subsonic filter quickly from the drivers seat.


Provides maximum bass control
Includes dash mounted control with PFM subsonic filter and bass level control
Parametric bass control
Balanced inputs
Bass output control
PWM high head room power supply
13.5V output level
THD: 0.002%
132 dB S/N ratio
60dB balanced input noise rejection


1 Year warranty

What's Included:

Owners Manual
Soundstream BX-12 bass processor
Remote bass control
Remote control wiring
Power supply terminal
Fused power wire
Two mounting brackets

Remote Sub Control Included