Sound Quest SQK0
0 Gauge Value Series Complete Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit
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Amplifier installation kits can save you time & money when installing an amplifier in your vehicle. Instead of purchasing everything you need separately like power/ground cables, remote turn-on cable, fuse blocks, fuses, and more, you can get an amp kit that already has the cables & accessories in one package. Amplifier wiring kits come in various gauge configurations depending on the wattage of your sound system and include all the necessary components you need to successfully install an amplifier.


1/0 Gauge Value Series Complete Amplifier Wiring Kit
Designed specifically for car audio systems up to 1500 watts
Power and ground wire are 100% CCA
Twisted pair shielded RCA audio interconnect cables for increased noise rejection
Mini-ANL style fuse holder for maximum power delivery and safety
Matte finish ultra flex wire construction provides excellent flexibility


17 feet 1/0 gauge matte blue ultra flex power wire
3 feet 1/0 gauge matte gray ultra flex ground wire
17 feet blue turn-on wire
17 feet twisted pair RCA interconnects
ANL fuse holder
150 Amp ANL fuse
4 gauge ring terminals
Includes installation accessories
Amp Kit Type Complete
Number of Supported Amplifiers 1
Power/Ground Wire Size 1/0 AWG
Power Wire Length 17 Feet
Power Wire Color Blue
Ground Wire Length 3 Feet
Ground Wire Color Gray
Speaker Wire Included No
Remote Wire Length 17 Feet
Interconnect (RCA) Signal Cables Included Yes
RCA Cable Length 17 Feet
RCA Cable Channels 2
Fuse Type ANL
Fuse Rating 150 Amp
Distribution Block Included No
AWG Standard Wire No
Wire Material CCA