MTX Terminator T1 Bass Package
Dual 12" Subwoofers with 250 Watts RMS Amp in Custom Box with StreetWires Amp Kit
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MTX Bass Package 

Dual 12" Terminator Subwoofers with Amp, Box, and StreetWires Amp Install Kit

We have put this package together with the parts you need to install some bass in your ride. This package comes with the subwoofer, amp, box, and an amp install kit. We have hand picked the parts in this package to get you the most power from the amplifier and give your sub the maximum power possible. We have selected a box that matches the subwoofers and are able to offer a great bundle price for all the components.


Subwoofer, Amp, Box and Install Kit Package
Hand picked components to get you the best value & performance
Quality high performance components make sure you do not have a weak link in your system

Subwoofer Features:

Two 12" Terminator series component subwoofers
Each sub is rated at 200 watts RMS, and 400 watts max

Amp Features:

1-channel mono car amplifier
250 watts RMS x 1
Variable low pass filter (40-400 Hz)
Preamp (RCA) and speaker-level inputs
Preamp (RCA) outputs
Remote mount bass control knob included

Enclosure Features:

Optimized sealed enclosure
Custom MTX "Terminator" embroidered on box
5/8" MDF box construction
Sealed box design delivers tighter bass
Measurements: 29.625" W x 14" H x 13.5" Bottom D / 11" Top D

Amp Kit:

8 gauge StreetWires complete amp kit with RCA's included
Power and ground wire are 100% CCA
16 ft. Streetwires RCA cables

Also included is 25 ft. 14 Gauge Thrashin Audio speaker wire